Rsu 57 Collective Bargaining Agreement

The school district is tightening software and leasing contracts and instead moving from Apple products to Chrome books, he said. Mr. Malone said that this was the year of collective agreements and that, although the proposed treaty had not yet been ratified, he was pleased to have a new contract before the current treaty expired. MASSABESIC EDUCATION ASSOCIATION/MEA/NEA Complainant The budget fell by about $300,000 from previous estimates – health insurance premiums were lower than previously forecast, Walsh said. The district budget meeting is scheduled for the cafeteria of Massabesic College on Tuesday. Registration will begin at 6:15 p.m.m and the session will begin at 7:.m. Voting on most items is hand-shown, although some require a vote. – Senior Staff Writer Tammy Wells can be contacted at 780-9016 or [email protected] if at the district budget meeting on Tuesday and by the subsequent validation vote on June 11, Alfred will contribute $3 million, 48,874 $US, or 1.66 percent over the current year. Limerick is expected to pay $3.39 million, an increase of $150,692, or 4.65% more; Lyman will contribute $4.89 million, an increase of $134,606, or 2.83 per cent; Newfield will contribute US$2 million (plus US$67,171 $US, or 3.46 per cent) and Shapleigh $4 million with an increase of $59,159, or 1.47 per cent.

Waterboro, the largest of the six municipalities, will contribute $9 million, an increase of $442,346, or 5.17 per cent over the current year. She asked why the county was considering hiring a mechanic when two were still busy. The draft budget, to be adopted at the district`s annual budget meeting, is set at 19 .m. On Tuesday, the municipality`s location at Massabesic Middle School in Waterboro would increase municipal contributions from 1.47 per cent to 5.17 per cent, according to the municipalities. He said the borough will install a new website and platform that will allow better communication with parents and allow the borough to evict information in different ways. [signed] Richard L. Hornbeck, Esq`s employer representative. “There has been a concerted effort to ensure that we remain competitive at the regional level,” Malone said. “We have been concerned about the loss of staff in the regions because some parts of the pay scale are not regionally competitive.” Malone and Walsh said that much of the budget increase is spent on salaries and benefits.

Malone added that some positions have changed, most of which have been reached by wear, and some have been redistributed. It does not have concrete figures. In each of the six municipalities – Alfred, Limerick, Lyman, Newfield, Shapleigh and Waterboro – that make up the district, is another vote on validation for June 11. Malone said the district will put $75,000 into the budget to get a second school resource officer, and is currently in talks with Sheriff William L. King Jr. and York County Manager Greg Zinser on how to move on. He said he was looking for some flexibility in this matter.