Stock Option Cancellation Agreement

If I don`t sign the contract because it`s inaccurate/incomplete, and I don`t get payment for my actions when everyone else does, is there a remedy? It is impossible to judge without knowing much more about the merger and your current option agreement. VERY GENERAL, if your options haven`t received yet, then it`s possible that you might lose them for nothing. If they have withdrawn, you are more likely to have some kind of remedy. Besides, I couldn`t start saying. (a) What condition is your business organized for? (b) Corporation or LLC? (c) When you got your option, you should have: (i) received a copy of the plan under which the option was granted and (ii) an option agreement — what do these things say in the event of a merger? (a) This agreement and the 1998 plan constitute the whole agreement and agreement between the parties on the purpose of this agreement and resolve all previous or simultaneous agreements, written or orally. THIS OPTION CANCELLATION AGREEMENT (the “agreement”) takes effect from the date published on the signature page of and between CiG Wireless Corp., a company incorporated in the State of Nevada (the “Company”) and its holders with respect to the options to acquire the company`s common share underwriter (the option). The activated terms that are used here and are not defined differently have the meaning given to them in the Securities Purchase Agreement of August 1, 2013, by and between the company and each of the investors mentioned in Schedule I, as this list may be changed from time to time in accordance with the terms of the investment purchase agreement. (e) Dismissal for other reasons. In the event that Mr. Jobs` employment with Apple or a parent company or subsidiary of Apple for a reason other than that mentioned in sections (b), c) and d), including the voluntary termination of Mr. Jobs or Apple for Cause, terminates, Apple has at the time of this termination an irrevocable exclusive option (the “right to repurchase”) to recover the shares from Apple at no cost.

Realistically, you would be bound by this agreement. That`s why lawyers advise people never to sign anything they haven`t read in its entirety. I was told that I had 1-2 days to sign the document. I was told that the options are A) sign the document, and receive a payment for my options, or B) Do not sign, and receive nothing. On January 20, 2000, Mr. Jobs was granted the opportunity to acquire 20,000,000 shares of Apple and, on October 19, 2001, an option to acquire 7,500,000 shares (Apple`s “Plan 1998”).