Training Agreement Pilot

Under the agreement, CAE instructors will train Asiana pilots at the airline`s Korea training facility and AT CAE Korea for the entire aircraft fleet, including the Airbus A320, A330, A350, A380 Boeing 747, 767 and 777. CAE instructors will train pilots in accord with the airline`s standard operating procedures and support Asiana`s evidence-based training programs (EBTs). Wolfe wondered how a pilot would fit into the department`s culture after the end of the contract. CAE has signed an exclusive pilot training agreement with Asiana Airlines to meet the airline`s growing training needs in the region. Until recently, California`s law was pretty clear on the legality of such an arrangement. Last week, however, the California Court of Appeal, the District of Appeal of the Four, which was in Riverside, decided a case that limited the type of reimbursement an employer can claim when a worker leaves work that was paid for his training. However, there are potential drawbacks for companies that use training contracts. For example, some pilots who want to avoid having to compensate their employer may be upset about having to stay in a company to avoid these costs. Angry employees could have a negative impact on morale. The Court of Appeal found that it was consistent with this general objective of the statute to require that, where an individual must have a licence to perform his duties, the worker must bear the cost of obtaining the licence, but that he is also compatible with the objective of the status of the employer`s burden of training costs that are not necessary for the granting of the licence. , is intended exclusively to enable the worker to carry out his duties. In other words, basic training to obtain a licence is the employee`s responsibility; Excessive training benefits the employer and should be done at the employer`s expense. (2) The intern is required to train at SKY4u Daniel Wolfe, Executive Director of the Nationwide Aviation Business Center, said his company does not use training contracts, but needs an intelligent mind to keep pilots.

Try to understand your employer`s motivations and perspective. But remember that a training agreement can have serious consequences for you as a pilot. Either don`t sign or make sure your lawyer can add a few criteria that will help you get by. (1) All changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions are subject to written form. The accessory chords remain intact. 2. If certain provisions of this contract lose their validity or oppose the legal provisions, the rest of the contract is not affected. The inoperative provision is replaced by a legally enforceable provision, with the agreement of the contracting parties, whose determination is closest to the economic sense and purpose of the ineffective provision.